Information Communication Technology

Renwick School's ICT vision is “To be the leading school in Marlborough in ICT”

This is a priority for our school and we continue to make great progress towards realising this vision.

Information Communication Technology


At Renwick School:

  • Technology helps to provide flexible and interactive student-centered learning

  • Technology helps to meet the different learning styles and learning needs of all students

  • Technology helps to give students a voice and creates more choice in how to attain their learning goals

  • Technology extends learning outside the classroom for both teachers and students

  • Technology is used as a learning and information sharing tool


Our  technology goals:

  • To improve equity of access to technology

  • To improve the quality of learning through the use of technology

  • To provide our students and staff with most up to date technology tools possible

  • To improve student ability to become lifelong learners

  • To enable our students to become global citizens

   + Digital Citizenship Policy 2019

Throughout the school we have:

  • ceiling mounted data projectors or 60inch televisions in every classroom

  • AppleTV boxes in rooms allowing students to Airplay what they are working on to televisions or data projectors

  • Macbooks, iPads and Chromebooks across the school

  • a range of digital video and still cameras available for all classes to use


We are a Google Apps for Education school utilising Google Drive, Docs, Slides and Forms as a teaching and learning tool.  We use Google Classroom, which is a blended learning platform for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and marking students work in a paperless way. This provides a platform for our students to colaborate and showcase their learning digitally in many ways, and to share their learning with their parents.