Our Curriculum

The Renwick School Curriculum is based on the Instructional Core of

Teaching, Content and Learning

Our Aims and Intentions in Relation to These Are:



To grow our teaching practice through the school from teacher lead delivery to student driven learning underpinning best practice.



Renwick School’s integrated curriculum will be flexible and relevant to prepare our learners for an evolving, ever-changing world.  Embed key competencies, inquiry integration, personalised challenging learning, bicultural perspective, environmental content.



To have intrinsically, motivated connected, life-long, global learners who are committed and resilient.


The integration of Literacy, Maths and Inquiry is central to curriculum delivery.  The modelling and teaching of the Key Competencies of Thinking, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing, Relating to Others and Using Languages, Symbols and Texts weaves through everything that we do and these are viewed as integral and essential to our students being successful and contributing members of society.