Sports On Offer At Renwick School

At Renwick School we offer a wide range of sporting options for our students to take part in at a regional level. The list below shows the sports of offer each year, but is subject to change depending on numbers each season. There is a teacher in charge of every sport on offer through the school

The sports not on the list are offered through local sports clubs instead and they hold their own seperate muster events at the start of each season. We endeavour to put all external information from sports clubs in our weekly 'Community Newsletter' which is emailed out each week to parents.

Summer: Tennis, Summer Football, Summer Hockey, Volleyball, Flippa Ball, T-Ball and Touch Rugby

Winter: Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Football and Flippa Ball

Teams for one-off organised tournaments/events: Ki-O-Rahi, Rugby 7's, Rippa Rugby, Hockey, Swimming, Cross Country, Mountain Biking, Multisport, Gymnastics, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Volleyball, Touch Rugby and Athletics

When And Where

Summer Sports


Volleyball - Friday after school, Stadium 2000

Touch Rugby - Thursday after school between 4pm and 6pm, Landsdowne Park

Summer Football - Wednesday after school between 4pm and 6:30pm, A & P Park

Softball/T Ball - Saturday mornings, Lansdowne Park

Flipperball - 8 years and over, Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm, Stadium 2000

Tennis - Years 3-8, Saturday mornings, Marlborough Tennis Centre, Terms 1 and 4

Summer Hockey - Years 3-4, Monday nights. Year 5-8, Tuesday nights. Hockey Turf in Stephenson Street

Winter Sports

Netball - Years 1-4, Friday evenings. Years 5-8, Saturday mornings. Horton Park

Basketball - Years 3-6, Friday evenings. Years 7&8, Monday evenings. Stadium 2000

Hockey - Years 0-2, Saturday mornings. Years 3-4, Monday afternoons. Year 5-6, Tuesday afternoons. Years 7-8, Wednesday afternoons. Hockey Turff in Stephenson Street.

Flipperball - 8 years and over, Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm, Stadium 2000

Links to External Sports Clubs

Stadium 2000