Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission: To provide excellence in education with sensitivity to

the community's aspirations


​Our Vision: Learning is Strength - be the best you can be

Our Values


Our values are the important qualities we try to live by and show in the ways we ourselves go about our work and in our relationships with others in our school and beyond. Our values are:

Positive Relationships




Our Vision Statement

Our values system is based around our vision statement:


'Learning is Strength - Be the Best You Can Be'

Each class establishes what this means for them and those around them at school. at home and in the community and this then forms the basis for their room's behaviour management system and indeed that of the school.


Students are at present designing visual representation that show "Learning is Strength - Be the Best you Can Be" in pictorial form so watch this space!

The Give It A Go Rock

Our vision statement is reinforced in many ways throughout the school in the form of class awards, values awards and our Supreme Award - The Give it a Go Kid Rock which is presented fortnightly to a "Give it a Go" student who "lives" the values behind our Vision statement. The Give it a Go Kid Rock, which originated from the local Wairau River,  depicts the unique Renwick environment and represents the many twists and turns in the pathways of learning and life.


The values behind our vision statement are also illustrated in the words of our Renwick School song, "Proud To Be" which was composed for us by Mary Chetty in 2010.


+ Click here for the words to our school song and learn about our school spirit and culture